COVID-19 Procedures

Current COVID-19 Procedures (as of November 17, 2022)

Hello and welcome to our new and returning families, we are so excited that you have chosen our Preschool and honored to partner with you in your awesome responsibility as parents and guardians. Please read the following carefully.

Preschool Office: The Preschool Office is open from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Ring the doorbell for service. If there is no answer and you need immediate assistance, please go to the main school office located in Building D. You may also reach us by phone at 707-644-5284 Option 3 or email us at

Covid-19: Please inform us immediately by email or phone call if your child is Covid 19 positive. See and follow CDC guidelines (attached) when a child is feeling sick or tests positive. Local health department and Department of Social Services/Child Care Licensing will be notified and we will follow their specific guidelines. Any close contact will be determined and parents will be notified. Details and confidentiality of students affected will be kept as mandated by law.

Teacher and staff training: Our teachers have been trained on the enhanced precautions and preventative measures to keep everyone safe and healthy. Teachers will be required to stay home or will be sent home if sick or showing symptoms. Teachers will go through health screenings before they enter the classrooms.

Sign In and Out: We use the Procare App for signing in and out, to send quick messages, send photos or videos and as a tool to communicate. Invitation to upload the Procare App will be sent to parents or guardians. Your mobile device will scan our unique QR Code from our iPads or you can enter your pin. A full and legible signature on the Procare App is required as part of the sign in and out process.

For help in signing in and out, please visit the following link. use-qr-codes-for-sign-in-and-out

Enhanced health screenings: Parents and guardians will be asked a few quick questions on the Procare App before dropping their child off. Teachers will take children’s temperatures with a no-touch thermometer at drop off. Teachers will conduct visual wellness checks of all children upon arrival and ask health questions when concerned. Children will wash their hands upon entering the classroom.

Monitoring throughout the day: Children will be monitored throughout the day for signs of illness. Children will be sent home if they have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, cough, vomit, or exhibit other symptoms. Parents are required to plan ahead to designate and arrange for an authorized person to pick up their child within one hour or a late fee of $20 per 10 minutes will be added to your FACTS account. Children are not to return until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation.

Stay home if sick: If your child has trouble breathing, has a fever, cough, or is showing any symptoms, we ask that they stay home until they’ve been symptom-free without medication per CDC guidelines. Please call the preschool office, email or send a message through Procare App to let us know.

Cloth Face Coverings: Face coverings are optional indoors and outdoors. No face coverings while eating, drinking and napping.

Gloves: Gloves will be used by teachers for tasks such as serving food, handling trash, or using cleaning and disinfectant products.

Hand Sanitizer: Our hand sanitizer will contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol or at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. It will not contain methanol. Children may use hand sanitizer under adult supervision only and will be kept out of their reach.

Handwashing & Hygiene: As part of our daily curriculum, we will continue to emphasize the importance of hand washing and align with recommended 20-second hand washing techniques. We will reinforce this action with children multiple times throughout the day. All personal items must be labeled and kept in a bag to ensure personal items are separate from others. Please send a backpack with your child each day to keep their belongings in. A personal water bottle is required, so they can drink from their personal water instead of a water fountain.

Cleaning and Disinfecting: As always, we will continue to follow our existing hygiene and cleaning procedures, including disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles, sink knobs, toilet handles, and tables. Toys and manipulatives will be cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected daily. We will continue to follow the most up-to-date guidance to ensure that our classrooms are as safe and clean as possible.

The following is a summary of information from our Parent Handbook. The Parent Handbook is available on our website:

UNIFORM: Children are required to wear a navy blue polo shirt and navy blue khaki pants. Polo shirts with the North Hills Christian Preschool logo are available for purchase, however plain navy blue polos are also acceptable.

LATE PICK UP FEES: A late pick up fee of $20.00 for every 10 minutes (or part thereof) plus $5.00 per additional child will be added to your FACTS account if child is left after five minutes of the end of the contracted program time.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Failure to legibly sign your child in or out will result in a $10.00 fee added to your FACTS account for each missing/illegible signature. There is a Program

Change Fee of $15.00 for each program change, not including vacation requests.

BREAKFAST, SNACKS AND LUNCHES: We do not provide breakfast. Children who arrive before 7:15 a.m. may bring breakfast to eat in the classroom. We provide morning and afternoon snacks. Please provide a lunch for your child from home that does not need to be refrigerated or warmed up. We also have a lunch program provided by Choice Lunch, They are available to provide a choice of nutritional entrees daily and deliver for a reasonable, competitive price. Children are not allowed to share or touch each other’s food. Please note that any other food delivery services will be turned away and not accepted (i.e., DoorDash, UberEats, InstaCart, etc.).

NAP TIME: Naptime is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Cots are provided for naptime. Your child will need a crib size blanket. No big blankets or pillows allowed. For safety reasons, shoes must stay on. We will wash your child’s cot sheet weekly. Blankets will go home on Fridays to be washed.

EXTRA CLOTHES & BACKPACK: We ask that each child keep a change of clothes in a gallon-size Ziploc bag in their cubbies labeled with their name. Please provide a backpack that everything will fit in (jacket, lunch box, blanket, water bottle) and labeled with the child’s first and last name.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Parents are requested to provide an emergency Snack Pack for each child to be stored and used only in the event of an emergency. Please place the following items in a gallon size Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.

∙Two - Fruit Cups

∙One - 4 or 5 ounce bag of salty snack (Corn Nuts, salted pretzels, etc.) ∙One - granola bar

∙One roll of Lifesavers

∙One package of beef or turkey jerky (2 oz.)

∙Two - 2.5 oz. single-serve pouch of Tuna

∙Three - plastic spoons

PRESCHOOL AND K4 CLASSES: At this time, classrooms may be a combination of both Preschool and K4, but the curriculum will be taught according to the level of the child.