Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) acknowledges that parents/guardians have an active and joint responsibility with the staff for the education and upbringing of their children. The PTF is advisory and participatory in nature, seeking to be problem solvers and partners in the education of children and the overall success of NHCS.

The PTF deals with school-wide issues and areas that benefit the whole school even if it involves only a portion of the school program or population.

All parents/guardians who have at least one enrolled student automatically become members of the North Hills PTF.

To contact North Hills PTF, email

PTF Board of Officers 2023-2024
President: Rita Fryar
Vice President: Sophia Wiggins
Treasurer: Kenya Davis
Secretary: Ambar Toledo
Members at Large: Emily Borland-Wong and Reyna Sanchez
The objectives of the North Hills Parent Teacher Fellowship are:
  • Arrange activities and special events to supplement the academic program and enhance the school’s sense of community
  • Serve as a liaison that encourages and facilitates communication between families, the school’s administration, staff, and local supporting individuals and organizations
  • Be a vehicle for fundraising to help meet expenditures not covered by the school